When preparing for a boudoir photoshoot, choosing the right lingerie and outfits can make all the difference in how confident and sexy you feel during your session. Here are some tips to help you plan your wardrobe:

How to plan your boudoir session wardrobe

Start with your own closet: Begin by looking through your lingerie collection and identifying pieces that make you feel confident and sexy. Consider factors like color, fit, and style. Do you prefer something lacy and delicate or bold and daring? Take note of the pieces that stand out to you and keep them in mind when planning your boudoir wardrobe.

Consult with your photographer: When you have tyou consult with Jenn McGee, she will offer valuable insight into what types of lingerie will work best for your shoot. It's important to communicate your vision and ideas with Jenn in advance so that she can help guide you and ensure that your wardrobe aligns with the overall style and mood of your photoshoot.

Layer different pieces of lingerie: One great way to create multiple looks without having to change outfits is to layer different pieces of lingerie. For example, you could pair a lacy bralette with a sheer robe or add a garter belt to a classic black bodysuit. This will give you more variety in your photos without the hassle of changing outfits.

Bring accessories: Accessories can be a great way to add interest and personality to your boudoir look. Consider adding items like stockings, garters, jewelry, or even a statement hat or pair of earrings. Be sure to bring a variety of options to help complete your look and give you more variety in your photos.

Order lingerie well in advance: If you're planning to order lingerie online, be sure to do so well in advance of your shoot. This will give you time to try on the items, make any necessary alterations, or find alternate options if needed. You don't want to be stressed out and scrambling to find the perfect lingerie at the last minute.

Plan a comfortable outfit: When getting your hair and makeup done, it's important to wear comfortable clothing without a bra and underwear to avoid creating skin impressions. This could be a loose-fitting dress or comfortable loungewear. Also, remember to wear clear deodorant to avoid unsightly white marks in your photos.

Bring a variety of bras and underwear: To ensure that you have options to choose from, bring one pair each of white, black, and nude underwear and bra. This will give you the flexibility to switch up your looks and coordinate with different pieces of lingerie.

Bring black and nude heels: Adding a pair of heels to your boudoir look can help elongate your legs and give you a more confident, sexy posture. Bring one pair each of black and nude heels to complete your look and give you more options in your photos.

Ensure your lingerie is clean and wrinkle-free: Before you arrive at your shoot, make sure that all of your lingerie options are clean, pressed, and wrinkle-free. This will help you look your best and feel confident during your session. You don't want to be worried about unsightly wrinkles or stains in your photos.

I hope this guide has given you some helpful ideas for planning your upcoming boudoir photoshoot. Remember to have fun, relax, and embrace your sexy side! If you have any questions or want to learn more about booking a session with Jenn McGee Photography, please feel free to reach out. You can fill out the contact form to get in touch and start planning your session today. 

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